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Top - Breast Forms

Having a curvaceous figure has always been important to us Transwomen and having a busty figure goes a long way towards helping you feel more attractive and sexy. Whilst looking at breast implants I found a website selling male chest enchancers for £700 pounds. I thought this was extortionate. Below is my recomendation for the best balanced breast forms in terms of price and feel/appearance. This particular design feels great when touched and has a realistic bounce. They also have a realistic skin colour and nipple design. Available at around $270 they are not the cheapest breast forms on the market but it pays off ;-) (see link below).

(See top left) A breast form from Suddenly Femine. Made with silicon, which allows for firm but relastic feel and weight. Can be placed in a bra with medicial tape. Alterantively a special transwomen bra can be purchased to hold breast forms in place.

(see bottom left) If you are looking towards a cheap and permanent alternative to surgery, Bountiful Breast supplements have reports from transsexual customers indicate successful permanent and rapid breast enlargement.