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Bottom - Strap-On Vagina

Not feeling comfortable with your own genitalia can cause a lot of problems with both physical appearance and sexual intimacy. Although there are products available on the market which provide solutions to these problems, these are very expensive ranging from $289 to $700. However, the look and feeling which these products provide can be obtained at a fraction of this cost (around $65/£55). All you need is a few generic off the shelf products and two minutes of you time.




To make the Strap-On Vagina you will need the following items:

Virtual Skin Vagina
Ladie's Strap-On Holster


Virtual Girl Vibrating Vagina.

It has more genuine proportions compared to similar products plus has a flat base making it easier to attach to Strap-On holster.


A basic women’s Strap-On holster.

Should be flexible allowing the vagina to bend around you. Should also be clear or white to make it easier to match skin tones.


Strap-On Vagina Building Instructions

Step One: Altering Virtual Girl Vagina Part 1

Remove the long tube from the virtual girl vagina. This can be done cleanly with sharp scissors or a knife.


Altering Virtual Girl Vagina Part 2

Remove both side wings from the original product. You may wish to enlarge the vagina opening depending on your intended use.

Pictures of altered Virtual Girl Vagina




Step two: attaching Vagina to Strap-On

When attaching the Virtual Girl Vagina to the Strap-On you need good quality glue. In this demonstration I used Loctite super glue, but there may be other adhesives which work well. Glue the back surface area of the vagina to the front of the Strap-On, making sure no glue falls into the centre hole. You need to be careful when aligning the vagina that the top of the vagina matches to the top part of the strap on. Also make sure that the vagina is not lopsided and that the hole on the back of the vagina is in line with the hole on the Strap-On.

Back of Strap-On

Step three


Wait until the glue has completetly dried, then make sure that vagina is firmly attached to the Strap-On by carefully lifting the Strap-On.


Basic Strap-On vagina design


The above instructions describe how to make a basic Strap-On Vagina. The main advantage of the basic design is that a flaccid penis can be placed in the hole on the back side of the Vagina. When the penis is erect (depending on penis length) it will stick out of the vagina enough to be given pleasure from a partner. The Strap-On also holds your testicles. The main disadvantages of this construction are its large appearance in the groin area and the inclusion of an anus in the basic design.

Advanced Strap-On design

Here is an alternative design for those who are a little more proficient with their tool box. When you have completed the basic step one (see above), remove both the anus section and the protruding material of the vagina (see pictures below). Only then attach the Vagina to the Strap-On according to the basic instructions above. This allows for a sleek low profile look. This advanced design can be also used over a taped penis and testicles to give a more feminine appearance.